GREETINGS, EVERYBODY!  Our church had some amazing Journey in the past few years and we have experienced lots of positive changes in the way we do ministry.  Please do visit us also in our new site at this address:  The Journey

A small church with endless possibilities….

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Working Together in 2009!

We would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who contributed in one way or the other to the Success of our 20th Church Anniversary.  God richly bless you. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Our Church

Click on image to enter website 2008 and before.  God bless you.


2009a This is where you will find everything that we do from January 1 to December 31 2009


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18 responses

17 10 2007
Genevieve Cubing

it’s been quite a while since i have last visited our webpage…it’s as cool as ever…

God bless you on your special paper Pastor Norms…아자!! meaning, fight! ^^ [but they say ‘fighting’] hihihi..

the picture above is nice…

Pastor Norman Replies: Thanks Gen. I am going to write something on PAUL’S CONCEPT OF THE CHURCH AS THE “BODY OF CHRIST” FROM THE PENTECOSTAL PERSPECTIVE.

17 10 2007

We greet Pastor Norman and Sis. Bebing on their 15th Year Wedding Anniversary today, October 17! May the Lord continue to strengthen and bless your marriage bond as the years pass by. Know that you have been an example to all of us. God bless you with all the blessings of heaven.

21 10 2007
rachelle pedregosa

nice web, congrats…regards to all….

JLRCM reply: Hi! Rachelle! How are you? Drop us an email, will you? God bless!

10 02 2008

Hey!nice site :)…tika lang ko ah

10 02 2008
Harriet JH.

hEy BoNjOur!!!nice Site :) tika lang ko ah

9 03 2008
Shawn Macy

Great to see God’s hand at work! Keep up the Good work! Just browsing and came across your wonderful web-site.

11 03 2008

nice site!

11 03 2008

test..nice site!

14 03 2008

Immanuel Fellowship (Cebu)! Thanks for dropping by! How is Rio Calle? We have not heard from him for ages. How is Noel and Shiela? How is Herman? Hope to hear from you guys. God bless! Carpe Diem!

20 05 2008
nitz miraflor

hi pastor norman!

thanks so much for this photo! you are indeed one of God’s chosen shepherds to lead His flock. He had given you the gift of being a VISIONARY: always looking up to Him for direction and guidance and looking far beyond to implement the wisdom that He has endowed you with as you all tackle both the smooth and the rough terrain of the topography of the Christian walk and growth .

may the Lord bless you and keep you as you acknowledge His sovereignty in all that you do.

bless His Holy Name!!!

nang/auntie nitz

20 09 2008

d best site ever!

newer heights…greater dimensions….never knew we had it in us. pastor ko na!

how i’ve missed u guys…daw mahibi ko. hehehe.

23 09 2009

Hello… nagbulubisita lang ah. hidlaw na ko da bi magchurch mung.. ghusto ko na magpuli.. hehe. Regards to all., Godbless

25 09 2009
genevieve oh

hi Pastor Norms and everybody!!!! HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY!!!!
too bad we werent there….

Leon and I just want you to know that we miss you and our fellowship..
i tried to go to a korean church and i understood only 30% of what the pastor says or the emcee.. the songs too are all korean.. they even have a korean version of hillsong…

Pastor Norms, what do you think about Methodist churches? the church my sister-in-law goes to is one of them.. any thoughts?
of course i still want to try out the skype thing.. haha… it might just work.. im hesitant to go back to that church with my sucky korean comprehension level (and i thought i was good! haha) and I dont really know what they believe in….
all i know is that everybody speaks in tongue -as they call it- you know, one syllable thing. God forgive me.. I dont know.. for the record, im not judging–just stating a fact. i know this is a sensitive topic… but they seem to be really on fire for the Lord..

I have attended pretty a lot of churches but I still cant get over JLRCM.. it’s very hard to get our fellowship out of my system. they always fail in comparison.. haha.. i know we have the same God and all but i always long for my home church..

Pastor Norms, please pray for me and Leon.. On Oct. 1st I will be getting my alien registration card and the job hunting shall commence!! ^^ Im confident I can get a job not because of my ability but because I know God will give it to me. Every good thing comes from HIm and having a job is a good thing, right? so, yeah… i have faith… ^^ and knowing that the church is praying for us is realy a big deal.. it comforts me and strengthens me….

i think i will end it here… i have many things to share but my brain doesnt seem to cooperate.. i will write again soon.. as soon as I sort out my thoughts..
God bless you all… More power..

P.S. I’m getting along with my parents-in-law.. they like me for the reason that I’m not DARK!! hahaha… kidding aside, they’re really kind to me.. kinder than I expected.. ^^ well, this is Gen signing off. ^^

25 09 2009

Gen, you are always in our prayers together with the rest of the brethren who are not with us here in Iloilo. God keep you and Leon. The Lord’s blessings be yours in abundance in Korea. Don’t forget to find a ministry you can serve the Lord in, okay? Keep in touch Gen.

7 10 2009
genevieve oh

thanks gd Pastor Norms and to everybody.. as in!!
yes… i’ll be looking for a ministry here.. but first. i need to find a church.. ^^
i miss all of you..
im writing my resume right now.. ^^
and can i put your name on the reference part? ^^

8 10 2009

Sure, Gen. Anything that can help you! We miss you and Leon here, too. God guide your steps until His plans are fulfilled in your lives. God bless you both!

21 03 2011
Aniyan Samuel

Iam a missionary in North India for the last 25 years. Main focuse is reaching the unreached people in this land. I have visited your website and it seems to be very meaningful.May the loving God bless you and your minstry

3 10 2011
Francis Prado

Regards to bro. Eiler and Nenite Miraflor from bro. francis prado of Romblon

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