Do Not Bring Your Family to Sodom

16 09 2007

By Pastor Norman S. Lao

Preached on September 16, 2007 at the Living Rock Church

Text: Genesis 13:5-13


Last Sunday we discussed the things that make a family happy.  God, Forgiveness, Respect, Appreciation, and Contribution. Today we will discuss what things make families unhappy.  Things we must avoid.

It takes a lot of effort to make a home happy.   Happiness is not automatic.  You have to do something to make your family happy.  It takes the whole family to make a family happy.  That’s why everybody must contribute toward that goal.    

On the other hand, however, it takes little or no effort at all to make a home unhappy.  And it only takes one member of the home to make the entire home unhappy or miserable.  Are you the cause of your home’s happiness or unhappiness?

  • A drunkard, abusive, or lazy husband can destroy family happiness.  This is common nowadays.
  • A nagging wife may also destroy the peace of the home.
  • A rebellious son or daughter.  Children who disobey their parents to do their own thing causes pain and unhappiness.  

Each one of us is the key to our family’s happiness.  You are the key to your family’s Happiness.  I am the key to my family’s happiness.

Today we will study the family of Mr. Lot, the nephew of Abraham.   Lot’s family was definitely an unhappy family and we want to know what made them unhappy so that we can avoid the cause or causes of their unhappiness.

What’s wrong with Lot’s Family?

1.  Wrong Choices

The first thing that led to the unhappiness of the Lot Family was the wrong choice Lot made. 

Choices are important.  Life is a series of choices.  We are faced with choices every moment of our lives.  From the time we woke up this morning to the time we retire tonight we will be making lots and lots of choices.

Of course there are many kinds of choices.  There are insignificant choices (what to eat for breakfast, for example) and there are significant ones (whom you will marry).  There are reversible choices and there are irreversible ones, too (giving up of your virginity, marriage etc.).  We are talking today about significant choices, choices that affect our lives and the lives of our family.  Choices upon which the happiness or unhappiness of the people we love depend upon.

“The choices we make today will determine where we will be tomorrow.”   That also means that where we are now is the result of the choices we made in the past.  We are products of our choices.

The land was not enough for their growing collection of animals so they had to divide.  Lot had to make a choice, but we know that he made the wrong choice because of the following reasons:

A. His choice was impulsive (rash). 

When Abraham (the uncle) offered Lot (the Nephew) the first choice he did not:

  1. Refuse to separate from Abraham.  (If I knew that God had a promise to Abraham, I will never leave the side of Abraham.)
  2. Return the first choice to Abraham.  This showed his lust for gain.  He was quick to act. Too quick indeed.
  3. Show any reluctance in making the first choice.

Never make a life-changing decision overnight!  Give it time!

  • B. He chose by sight not by faith. He failed to consult God to make the proper choice. We cannot see the end of many of our choices. That’s why we need to pray for it and ask God’s guidance. “There is a way that seems good to a man, but the end thereof is death.” (Proverbs 14:12) “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)
  • C. He chose with full knowledge of the dangers to his family spiritually and morally (Genesis 13:13). Lot knew the people in Sodom were great sinners. But he was blinded by their wealth and prosperity. What is blinding you?

Wrong choices lead to Unhappiness in the Home. Decisions determine your destiny.

Happiness in the family begins with the right choices. 

The right choice of a lifetime partner.

The right choice of a career.

The right choice of where to live.

The right choice of how many children to have.

The right choice of what church to go to.

Making the right choices starts with choosing God.

2.  Wrong Priorities

Lot’s wrong choices came from his wrong priorities.  Our choices are determined by what is important to us.  You choose to be in church today in spite of the heavy rain and strong winds because God and His people are  important to you.  More important than your comfort and convenience.  But for people whose convenience and comfort is number one priority they will not be in church today.  Now, I am making a general statement. Do not judge those who are absent today.  I speak to you who are present, not to those who are not here.

  • Lot placed a premium on success and prosperity at the expense of his family.  In other words, Lot sacrificed his family for the sake of Power, Possession, Position, Prosperity and Popularity.  We find Lot sitting at the Gate of the City.  That’s usually an expression of position.
  • He sacrificed his daughters just not to offend the men in Sodom.
  • Later, when the angels came to get him and his family out, he did not want to leave Sodom because of his acquired possessions.

When money and success are the top priorities then unhappiness happens.  The happiness that money can bring is short-lived, seasonal, and temporary.

Lot lost everything he had because success without God is an unstable business!

We remember the rich man in Luke 12.  The world called him “The Rich Farmer.”  God called him “The Rich Fool!”

3.  Wrong Standard

As Christians we have a different standard.  We are not like everybody else because we are not everybody else.  We are Born-Again, Blood-bought,  Spirit-filled,  Heaven-bound  Children of God!

We can summarize the story of Lot in three phrases:  Near Sodom, In Sodom, Like Sodom.  If Christians are not careful they will fall into the same trap! 

  • “Everybody is doing it, therefore it must be right.” Wrong! Correction: Not everybody is doing it.
  • “So and so are doing it but they seem to be good persons.” Wrong!

The Christian family must stand NOT on the EXAMPLE of other people, but on the TEACHING OF THE WORD OF GOD!

We must not be afraid to be different when we know we can make a difference.

We must guard our homes.  We must fight for our homes!  Parents we are the gatekeepers.  We control what enters our homes!   We must uphold the biblical standard in our homes.  Our homes are our strongholds our place of safety.  We are safe in there.  But the devil whose sole purpose is to destroy the home, has found a way to sell his evil wares to destroy our security. 

In times past if you want evil you have to go out of your homes.  Nowadays, it is evil that goes into your homes.  Through cable TV, DVD, Internet, Cell Phones.  A Hollywood producer said, “for a film to be successful it has to break at least three of the Ten Commandments.”

Parents must be aware of what their children are watching, what they are doing with their computers, what they are listening on their MP3 payers and iPods.

Because of his desire for wealth and prosperity, Lot’s sense of morality or of God’s standard was dimmed or even lost!   Parents!  Regain God’s standard for your home.  You will gain happiness when you do!

Let us bring back God’s moral standard into our homes!


Avoid these three important things and you are on your way to a happy home.

God bless you.




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