A Time to Welcome, A Time to Say Goodbye

20 09 2007

by NORMAN S. LAO      


Personal Narrative

This afternoon we took my sister and her husband to the airport. They are going back to Chicago tomorrow. I can’t believe five weeks is already gone. How time flew! It seemed only yesterday when we fetched her at the airport with welcome banners and large smiles. Now we are seeing her off – no banners and only half smiles. I do not know when we will meet again. It was a sad occasion. We gathered outside the Airport’s departure area and prayed for their safe travel. After exchanging kisses and goodbyes with family and friends they entered the building and boarded their plane.  We made our way to the tip of the runway where we could watch (and record by video camera) their plane take off.  I felt very sad.


I can somehow relate to how the disciples felt when Jesus told them He was going away (John 13:36 and 14:1-3). Three years was up and the Lord had to go. The disciples thought, or hoped, Jesus would stay permanently, but He wasn’t going to – at least not for now.  As the writer of the Book of Ecclesiastes wisely observed, there is, indeed, a time for everything. A time to welcome and a time to say goodbye. The time for saying goodbye happened 2000 years ago. The time for welcoming might be in my lifetime! Maranatha!


Dear Lord, it seems that nothing is permanent in this world. Help me, O, Lord, to appreciate and value people, relationships, friendships and things that really matter while they last. Help me to make the most of my time especially with those whom I love and care for. In Your Name, Amen.




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