It’s Not A Movie

20 09 2007


Personall Narrative 

Last Sunday morning I woke up with the news of a coup d’état in progress in Makati.  I hurriedly went upstairs to my office to watch the event on TV.  So, while I was making the final touches to my message for the service that morning my eyes were riveted on the picture tube before me.  Channel 3 had an aerial coverage of the alleged coup.  There were men in camouflage uniforms with high-powered weapons on the roof deck of Oakwood.  Reporters told the public that there were soldiers occupying all 18 floors of the building.  They were estimated to be several hundreds in number. On the ground there was no small stir as truckloads of government troops were deployed to cordon the area.

As I sat there watching the event unfold I began to enjoy the “show” as if I was watching just another war movie. I forgot for a moment that this was real and that it could greatly impact our nation and the lives of our people in negative and devastating ways.

Suddenly a voice from within me said, “Stop watching, pray!”  The realization dawned on me that this was not a show, that this was real life, that those people out there in Makati are not paid actors and actresses but real people in a real world doing real things. I promptly interceded asking the Lord to intervene and resolve the conflict without any bloodshed.

The president issued the rebels a deadline at 5 p.m. that afternoon.  I was not worried. I have prayed. When the 5 p.m. deadline drew near things happened so that the president gave an extension. The deadline was now set at 7 p.m. God was there! Late that Sunday night, after the negotiations, several hundred rebel soldiers with their officers marched out of Oakwood in what is another peaceful and bloodless resolution to what could have been a major catastrophe.  Thank you Lord!


God answers prayers. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7 “ask and you shall receive…”  The concept of prayer has always intrigued me.  God is sovereign, but he “needs” our prayers for Him to work out His will on earth.  He could give us what we need, but He wants us to pray, “give us this day our daily bread…” God could have intervened last Sunday without the prayers of His people, but He chooses to carry out His will within the boundaries of our prayers.  This makes prayer the most important Christian activity on earth.  Is that to say that what is happening in our world today is a reflection of the prayer life of the church?  What a chilling thought! With the deluge of sin and perversion in the world today it is a chilling thought indeed!  May there be a revival of prayer in the church of Christ.

I have resolved in my heart to pray harder and more often.


Father in heaven, I am sorry for not spending enough time in prayer as I know I should. Help me not to look for time to pray, but help  me to make time. Cause a great revival of prayer to sweep the churches across the nation. May what happened last Sunday serve as a wake-up call for all of us. Bless our nation with peace. Help our leaders to set the good example for all to follow. Uproot corruption from our nation, dear God, and purify our land. Bring healing to our nation. Bring healing to the church. In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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