No Joke Worship

20 09 2007

by Sharon Rose Panaguiton, M.D.

Dear jlrcm brethren:

I’m writing this not only to speak my mind. i’m writing this because as a worshipper or should i say as a worship leader i want to impart to you my views about proper worship. i’m not a good writer though, but im sure i’ve clearly explained everything. I also believe that this is what God wants us to know. Be strong in the LORD JESUS. Our blessed hope is coming soon.  God bless!

Pastor Norms, thanks for considering my article in jlrcm files. God bless you and your family.

Always one with you in Christ,




by Sharon Rose C. Panaguiton, M.D.


Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks. John 4:23-24.

How would a man approach God? Would it be acceptable to come before our heavenly Father in any manner we like? Or have we thought about our ways before entering God’s presence?  Of course, God is not “mean” that He would reject anyone who comes to Him – in prayer or in worship. In fact, God wants people coming to Him in worship.  But God is holy! He deserves respect from people who come to Him.  Again I say, “God is holy.” Anyone, Christian or not should consider this!

We worship God, right! But in what manner do we worship Him? I’m hurt to see people pidgin’ worship.  I’m hurt not because these people fool themselves but that my God who is the KING of kings and the LORD of Lords is belittled through their insincere worship. 

If we claim we are God’s worshippers let our lives show that we truly are. We should feel embarrassed before God when we come to Him unprepared.

Preparation in worship includes prayer and purity of heart. Respect for God is a must! Not only on Sunday worships but it should be daily basis.  Even in worship rehearsals in cases where a Team of Worshippers has to practice for a Sunday celebration with the Church the Lord is to be respected. If in their rehearsals, the worshippers do not behave, as they should in view of God’s holiness, the subsequent worships will be spoiled.

So how do we give God respect?  Huh (deep sigh). This thing should not be anymore an issue in God’s house because Jesus had already made the Church holy. The problem is we play ignorant about our true identity as God’s people. That’s why we do a lot of foolish things before the Lord.  Anyway, God deserves respect; and that must come from His Holy Ones – the Church. If we belong to the Church, God’s word said that we are chosen generation, royal priesthood, and Holy nation…that we may show forth His praise. We as God’s people should be respectful and holy as we give Him the finest worship that comes from pure hearts.


Here are some tips on proper worship for God’s worshippers:

1. When we come to God in worship, dress up modestly.  Remember we are entering the presence of the King of  kings.  We don’t dress up like that of a prostitute because we are not prostitutes. We are God’s holy children, heirs to His throne. We should dress up like Royalty.

2. Pray, pray, pray all the time. Prayer is not limited during the start of the Sunday celebration.  Like worship, it should be done regularly.  It boosts our worship.

3. Do not boast about your talent or skill. Pretending we’re okay spiritually even though we’re not, and taking pride in our talent or skill to cover up for our spiritual inadequacy are too foolish and render a person unprepared to worship God.

4. Remember that God is the Object of our worship not other people or ourselves. 

5. Do a self-check all the time. Our attitude speaks of how often we worship God. True worshippers are by far the people with most pleasing personality and of godly character.

Truly, worship is very important to God and to His people. It is not a joke. It is not only a lifetime activity for all that love the Lord Jesus… Worship goes beyond lifetime; it is for eternity! It is not routine singing in a Praise and worship practice that suddenly turns serious in a Sunday morning. It has to be serious all through out our Christian existence on earth below and in our life in heaven above.  Like prayer, worship goes 24/7, round the clock. It’s holy and exciting. It’s all about God. So please… let us not take worship lightly like as if it’s a joke.


Dr. Sharon Rose Panaguiton, a resident Physician of Iloilo Doctors Hospital, has been one of our Praise and Worship Leaders for many years.  She has a prophetic gifting. 




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