21 09 2007



Why do you use the Bible for your sermons, Bible studies, etc?



Dear Curious,

We believe that the Bible, as the Inspired Word of God, can be totally trusted (2 Timothy 3:15-17).  Four thousand years of Jewish and Christian history attest to this fact.  The Bible is not an ordinary book.  Many have tried to wipe it out from the face of the earth, but they all failed.  Emperors, Tyrants, Popes and Kings have tried their hand at destroying it, but the Bible remains indestructible. 

In the 18th century a philosopher named Voltaire is quoted to have said, “In one hundred years the name ‘Christian’ will be no more and the Bible a museum piece.”  Voltaire’s 100 years is long past; Voltaire is long gone, but Christians today number at 1.7 billion strong and the Bible remains the top-selling book in the world!  

Furthermore, one characteristic of the Bible that points to its Divine origin is its prophetic nature.  The Bible predicts the future with mind-staggering accuracy!  For example, in Matthew 24 Jesus predicted that the Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed and that not one stone will remain on top of the other when that day came.  In 70 AD,  forty years after the Lord spoke those words, the Romans came to destroy Jerusalem because of the rebellion of the Jews which they started years earlier.  Thinking that the religion of the Jews was the main factor that contribute to their rebellion, the Romans destroyed the Temple of God in Jerusalem and removed it stone by stone in search for gold which they thought was kept between the walls.  Thus, fulfilling the prophecy of Christ to its minutest detail.

When we speak from the Bible, we speak with Divine Authority and people’s lives are touched and transformed. 

No other book can do what the Bible can do. 





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