21 09 2007



Can Christians buy and sell inside the church? 

Thank you.

Christian Businessman 


Dear Christian Businessman

Many people think that it is not proper to buy and sell in church (building) because the “house of the Lord” is sacred and we must respect it.  We must point out, however, that God “does not live in temples made by [human] hands” (Acts 17:24).  The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians chapter 3 and 6 that we are God’s temple and God’s Spirit lives in us.  So, the building does not make us holy, but rather our presence as the church (people) in the building makes it holy or sacred.  It is incorrect to think that we are the “church” on Sundays at specified times (9:30-11:30).  We are the church 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If we, therefore, follow the idea that we could not sell “in church,” just for the sake of argument, then it follows that we could never buy and sell at all.

Having said that, therefore, we see no problem with buying and selling in the building where the church gathers PROVIDED that (1) it is not done before or during the service, (2) it does not in any way disrupt the spirit of worship, (3) it is not the motive for going to church, (4) nothing illegal or immoral is being sold, and (5) it does not cause the disruption of relationships among members.  We must do the right things at the right time for the right reasons.




Can a pastor have other jobs besides pastoring? 



Dear CY,

One of the greatest and most effective apostles of all time was, without a doubt, the Apostle Paul.  He wrote almost one-half of the New Testament, planted numerous churches, and has preached the Gospel in more cities and countries than the other apostles during his time.  Besides preaching the Gospel Paul was also a tentmaker.   That is, he made tents for a living (together with Pricilla and Aquila).  (Acts 18:2,3)

So, here’s our answer.  If the church cannot fully support their pastor, it’s all right for the pastor to have some kind of a sideline job.  It must be made clear, however, that preaching, teaching, and taking care of God’s people is the main concern of the pastor and not the sideline job.  For larger churches that can give their pastor a full salary, there’s no need for the pastor to find other means of income.  In our country, where most of the pastors are underpaid, they would normally find other sources of income.




I have been going to Living Rock for about two months now.  I would like to know what are the membership requirements I have to accomplish before being accepted as one.


Dear EA,

We are glad that you have been contemplating about becoming a member of our church family.  For our church family to stay strong and united there are some important things that must be common to all of us.  These things have become the basic requirements for membership in our church family.   After your intention has been expressed the following requirements must be accomplished.

1.  Profession of Faith.  A born again experience which must be clealry articulated or written down.

2.  Attendance in our Water Baptism Seminar (done just before Baptism).

3.  Water Baptism by our church or by other Evangelical churches.

4.  Pass the Living Rock Doctrine Test.  Basic doctrines that everyone in the Living Rock family must believe for unity.  (Salvation by Grace through Faith, Triunity of the Godhead, etc.)

5.  Completion of Living Rock Membership Form.

After you have accomplished these, the membership board will review and approve your application.  Then, you will be introduced to the church family in one of our Sunday Services.

God bless you.





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