5 10 2007

ptrn4weba.jpgCOLLECTION OF QUOTATIONS FROM PASTOR NORMAN’S SERMONS. These quotations are neither copyrighted nor restricted. Please feel free to copy and use as your own. If you have the time, please let us know if this page has been helpful to you. Thanks and the Lord bless you.

“Do not be afraid to be different when you can make a difference.”

“Success without God is not permanent.”

“Leaders lead, followers follow.”

“I am not against wealth and prosperity. I am against wealth and prosperity without God.”

“Going to church is not ’service’. True service begins when our Sunday ‘Service’ ends.”

“The Quality of Christianity in the next generation depends on the quality of Christianity today.”

“The youth is not the hope of this nation, Jesus is!”

“Our life is not based on the example of other people, but on the teachings of the Word of God!”

“In the eyes of the world he was a Rich Farmer; in the eyes of God he was a Rich Fool!”

“Someone has said that our choices today will determine our tomorrow. If that is true, then what we are now is simply the result of our choices in the past.”

“If we follow the maxim ‘an eye for an eye,’ we will not only all go blind, but it also follows that we will not know who hit us.”

“Serving God does not mean singing songs to him all day long.”

”It takes the whole family to make the family happy.”

“It takes only one member of the family to make the family unhappy and miserable.”

“See to it that everyone in the home belongs to God. There can be no peace and happiness in a home where some belong to God while others belong to the Devil.”

“There are only three conditions that will exempt you from bringing your Bible to church: (1) if you have memorized it, (2) if you are blind, and (3) if you do not know how to read.”

“Ignorance is fatal.”

“Sex is not a valid reason for enterning a boy-girl relationship.”

“When God invented sex He had in mind married couples.”

“I would rather trust something that has been tested for thousands of years rather than something that just popped up yesterday.” (With regards to the Da Vinci Code and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.)

“There is so much Bible illiteracy in the church today….”

“Live-in relationship is like driving a car without a license. No matter how good a driver you are, no matter how obedient you are to the traffic rules, and no matter how you take good care of your car, you are still liable.”

“Marriage is always the right choice.” (With regards to live-in.)

“If you are not ready for marriage, you are not ready for sex.”

“A healthy boy-girl relationship causes your grades to shoot up, not down.”

“Train your heart to fall in love with the right person.”

“If you are a Christian and your wife-to be is not, after you are married her father-in-law is God and your father-law is the Devil.”

“A happy marriage begins with choosing the right partner.”

“I don’t believe in compatibility. Nobody is compatible with another. What makes marriage stick is commitment and that’s what’s lacking in many marriages today.”

“The church is not only a place for the wounded, but is also a place where warriors are trained.”

“If you think that the church is only a hospital for sinners, then you will always be a patient.”

“God could have created another man from the rib of Adam. Then, how could they have multiplied and increased in number?” (On Homosexuality.)

“If you come to our church, we will love you as you are, but please don’t stay as you are.”

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