5 10 2007

“Do something with eternal consequence.”ptrn3web2.jpg

“If you will not discipline your children, they will discipline you.”

If you will not train your children in the way they should go, they will go in a way they’re not supposed to go.”

“Remember: The most powerful teaching method is teaching by bad example.” (Talking to parents about setting the good example at home.)

“You are not ready to bleed until you are married.” (Talking to young people about Virginity)

“If you love each other, wait until you are married.”

“The marriage covenant is not signed with pen and ink, it is in fact signed with blood…”

“If God created Adam and Steve, do you think they could have ’gone forth and multiply?”

“Many Christians are Bible illiterate today that we fear for the quality of Christians and Christianity in the next generation.”

“Young people, if your mother has varicose veins in her legs, it means you are not helping at home…”

“Mothers are the most unappreciated persons on earth. Appreciate your mother — wash the dishes, launder your clothes, set the table, cook dinner!”

Thanksgiving Quotes

“You cannot give thanks in silence.”

“The Bible tells us to GIVE thanks, not to KEEP thanks.”

“Many people cannot give thanks because they are engrossed with what they do not have rather than what they do have.”

“There are three ways you can give thanks: (1) you can verbalize it, (2) you can materialize it, and (3) you can actualize it.”

“It is not enough to speak out, sing out, or shout out your thanks — you must live it out!”

“Thanksgiving should not be occasional but daily.”

“Man is the only creature blessed with the ability to communicate with words. Our main instrument for communication is our mouth. We must use our mouths properly. We should not use it to hurt other people. We should not use it to destroy people. We should rather use it to thank God.”

“We should not only thank God in good times, but also in bad times and in all the times in between.”

“When we thank God in good times it is automatic. When we thank God in bad times its a sweet smelling offering to God.”

“Thanksgiving promotes Christ; grumbling does not.”

“When we grumble, groan and complain the people of the world will think that Christ does not satisfy us.”

“Thanksgiving is the language of heaven.”

“Christians must be the most thankful persons on earth because they have a good God who satisfies them, blesses them, and provides for them.”

“Many times we cannot be thankful because we think that we deserve what we get.”




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