Let Us Give Thanks to God

15 11 2007

by Pastor Apolinario P. Cubing

Text: Psalm 105:1

Introduction: God is the focus of our Thanksgiving.

I. Because of Who He is

  1. He is Omnipotent (All-Powerful)
  2. He is Omnipresent (Present everywhere at the same time)
  3. He is Omniscient (All-Knowing)
  4. He is El Shaddai

II. Because of His Names

  1. He is Jehovah-Jireh (Gen. 22:14)
  2. He is Jehovah-Rapha (Ex. 15:26)
  3. He is Jehovah-Nissi (Ex. 17:15)
  4. He is Jehovah-Shalom (Jud. 6:24)
  5. He is Jehovah-Raah (Psalm 23:1)
  6. He is Jehovah-Tsidkenu (Jer. 23:6)
  7. He is Jehovah-Shamma (Ez. 48:35)

III. Because of His Works

A. His Creation

  1. Man had God’s glory before the fall. (Heb. 2:6-8)
  2. Fall of Man, the glory is lost.

B. His Redemption Plan

  1. Animal Sacrifice (Heb. 9:22)
  2. Jesus our Substitute has changed our standing before God.

Notice the progression

A. Servant (Luke 17:7-10)

B. Friend (John 15:5)

     C. Son (Romans 8:15-17)


Let’s not forget to give thanks to God daily…




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