Thanksgiving 2007

18 11 2007


Our Thanksgiving Tree. It has been a tradition in our Church Family that during Thanksgiving Day all our members offer the amount of money equivalent to their current age as their Thanksgiving Offering to God. Each one comes to the altar and gives to the Lord his/her offering in the “fruit” basket with his/her birth month on it. This is our way of saying, “Thank You Lord for your goodness and faithfulness to us all through these years.”

p1010393.jpg p1010394.jpg

p1010395.jpg p1010396.jpg

p1010397.jpg p1010398.jpg

p1010400.jpg p1010401.jpg

p1010402.jpg p1010403.jpg

p1010404.jpg p1010405.jpg


The persons behind our church decorations. On the left is Irish May Caro, a graduate of Cooperative Major from West Visayas State University, is working as Customer Service Personnel in various tourist-based companies and is our current church secretary. On the right, Irish’s elder sister Christine Caro-Cubing, also a graduate of Cooperative Major from the same University, married to Ian Van Cubing (manager of Call Box), is currently working as a Medical Transcriptionist.

For more photos of our Thanksgiving Service, please go to our Flickr site. Thanks.




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