Nominations for 2008

3 12 2007

Note: Names are in no particular order.


  • Irish May “Bobeck” Caro
  • Christine “TinTin” Caro-Cubing
  • Ma. Aurora “Maia” Espinoza
  • Pauline Martinez


  • Ma. Aurrora Espinoza
  • Luz Griengo
  • Pauline Martinez

Men’s Fellowship

  • Ira Taala
  • Romeo Espinoza
  • Salvador Magno, Jr.

Women’s Fellowship

  • Helia Dadivas
  • Lydia Garingo
  • Josette Caro
  • Julia Guardafavo

Young Professionals’ Fellowship

  • Ian Van Cubing
  • Nino Lao
  • Jeffrey Luke Martinez
  • Aileen Gay Cubing

Youth Fellowship

  • Irish May “Bobeck” Caro
  • Nino Lao
  • Alora Cubing
  • Aileen Gay Cubing

You have until Friday, December 14, 2007, to write an objection letter addressed to the Pastor and Church Officers if you honestly believe that you cannot be of help to our church, for whatever valid reason, through the position you were nominated in. The Pastor and Church Officers reserve the right to accept or reject the objection as they see fit. Late letters will not be accepted. Thank you.




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