Prayer for Iloilo Investment Forum

14 12 2007

Prayer prayed by Pastor Norman during the Iloilo Investment Forum at the Kalantiao Hall, Sarabia Manor, last November 27, where about 300 investors from different places in the Philippines gathered for the occasion.

Our Father in Heaven,

We praise You for Your goodness to our city and province, giving us blessings far beyond what we deserve.

We stand together in Your holy Presence today recognizing the fact that apart from You we can achieve nothing. That is why we come, in the precious name of your Son Jesus Christ, to seek your grace and guidance in this time of our need.

We thank you, dear God, that there are selfless people in this room today, people who do not care who takes the credit as long as things get done, people whose passion is the welfare of our city and province. We ask you our Father to increase the number of such dear people.

We understand, O Lord, that the success of our city and province rests upon the shoulders of our leaders, our Governor, our Mayor and all the rest. Grant them, therefore, O Lord, the wisdom they need to know what is right and the courage to do it. Help them have one mind and one heart to see our City and Province reach its greatest and highest potential.

We pray for those who plan to invest in Iloilo that you will give them success and prosperity as they conduct their business with the utmost honesty and integrity and with the highest regard and respect for our people whom they will employ.

We pray for the Ilonggos, that you will help us see and realize that we are a special people, a people with a divine destiny, that if we only unite with one another and forget our petty selves, we can do what we set our hearts upon to do leaving us with no other alternative but success.

And lastly, we beseech you, Father, to bless Iloilo with all the blessings of heaven.

In the name of Jesus our Lord, our Savior, the Head of the body, who brings good news to the poor, who proclaims release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, and who lets the oppressed go free, we dedicate this day, our City and Province, this Forum and ourselves, to you.










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