Is There Room for Christ in Your Christmas?

24 12 2007

By Pastor Norman S. Lao

The world does not have a place for Jesus, yes, that is sad. But the sadder thing is that Christians many times do not have room for Christ too.
There was no room for Christ in the first Christmas because

1. The inn was full.

Many times our lives are so full with other things that there’s no more room left for Jesus.

“If I have time, Lord” “If my schedule will permit.” is the greatest thing we can offer to Him who came to save us.

This Christmas people will be very busy with Christmas Parties, Reunions, Preparations for Noche Buena, wrapping gifts, etc., that they will have no room for Christ in their busy schedules.

2. They did not recognize the event.

It was foretold, it was written, and all of Israel was waiting. It was a day celebrated in Heaven. Angels came to sing the First Christmas chorus. But nobody recognized the Christ-event.

It was the Day of Salvation but they failed to recognize it. Many people today fail to recognize the event, too.

Christmas is a Celebration of Salvation, but it has become a Christless, Self-Indulgent and Sinful Occasion.

Many people celebrate, but do not know what and why they are celebrating. Many people celebrate gifts, bonuses, food, and shopping. But who is celebrating Christ? Do you hear the name of Christ in Christmas? X-mas. The celebration must go on without Christ because the celebration is more important than Christ.

Big malls consider this not as a Christ-event, but as a Profit-event. Businessman give thanks to God every Christmas, not because of Salvation, but because of huge profits. Our Mega Malls profit more in December than all the months of the year!

Sometimes, the influence of the world is so strong that even Christians fall into the same trap of a Christless Christmas. We are caught up with the “Christmas Spirit” (which is nothing more than a “shopping frenzy.”) and we forget the Event. If you are sad that your table is not full, then you missed the Event.

3. They did not recognize the person.

People focus on the Props of Christmas, the trimmings, the wrappings, the stuffings instead of the Person of Christmas.

Could you imagine returning home to find your house decorated top to bottom with lights and party decors and when you get to the door you recognize that they are actually celebrating your birthday but there is one problem — you’re not invited! You may say to me, “Pastor, that’s absurd…” But that is what we are doing every Christmas! We celebrate the Birth of Christ, but many times He is not invited into the celebration!


Is your life so full of so many things that there is no more room for Christ? This Christmas I challenge you, give up those things that hinder Christ from living in your heart. They are not worth keeping! Christ is your most precious treasure.




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