3D Photos of Pastor Norman’s and Sis. Bebing’s Daughter

28 12 2007







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29 12 2007
nitz/eiler miraflor

dear pastor norman & bebing,

WOW!!! what can i say? the Lord be praised for advanced technology…lo and behold, that is baby nikka!!! isn’t she darling, lovely and precious??!!! how can some people call a baby in the womb a blob? (that is what they say when they want to abort a baby). this photo shows the whole world that this is a precious human being, God’s creation!

look at the 3rd photo guys, whose lips are those? :); i have an idea but won’t tell you ha, ha! just hang in there baby nikka until the Lord says it’s time for your mom and dad to embrace/kiss/hold you :).

nang/auntie nitz

25 02 2008
lito antonio

hI. I’m Lito and now reside in California and looking for Eiler Miraflor who introducd me to God when I was in Nonoc, Is. I would like to contact him and and know how is he right now. My telephone no.is 805-528-7740.Thanks.

25 03 2008
nitz miraflor

hello isabelito!

just came to pastor norman’s web and here you are! they are so busy with the new baby. just called the number you gave us here… you’re coming to the office at 3 pm! ha, ha! you won’t have all the time to catch up…you are at work! don’t worry, you are only about three-hours drive from where we live. ha, ha! sooner or later we will be seing you… can’t wait. but we are so thankful to pastor norman for their website…we have touched base with a lot of people from nonoc..kind of having a reunion through the web. praise the Lord for advanced technology!!! Godspeed!!!

ate nitz (kuya eiler)

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