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OCTOBER 8 2008 (Tambaliza, Concepcion, Iloilo)

We buried the ashes of Bro. Peter Henskens today on the island of Tambaliza, Concepcion.  For photos of the event please click on the link. Thanks.

DECEMBER 28 2007 (Iloilo City)

Sis. Velma Jane Lao, wife of Pastor Norman, had an ultrasound examination of her pregnancy today.  They decided to get some 3D pictures of the baby inside the womb.  Click here if you want to see the photos.  Please pray for a safe delivery for both mother and daughter. Thank you very much.

DECEMBER 16 2007 (Iloilo City)

The following is the result of the election for our 2008 Church Officers. (Names in bold letters are the winners.)


  • Christine “TinTin” Caro – IIII5 – IIII10 – IIII15 – II
  • Irish May “Bobeck” Caro – IIII5 – IIII10 – IIII15 – IIII20 – IIII25 – IIII30 – IIII35 – I
  • Ma. Aurora “Maia” Espinoza – IIII5 – IIII10 – II


  • Ma. Aurrora “Maia” Espinoza – IIII5 – IIII10 – IIII15 – IIII20 – IIII25 – IIII30 – IIII35 – II
  • Luz Griengo – IIII5 – IIII10 – IIII15 – IIII20 – IIII25 – III


  • Romeo “Roming” Espinoza – IIII5 –
  • Santos “Sonny” Garingo – IIII5 – I

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP (No decision has been reached since each one got the same number of votes. We will do a reelection next Sunday for the position of Women Coordinator.)

  • Josette Caro – IIII5 – III
  • Helia Dadivas – IIII5 – III
  • Lydia “Lyds” Garingo –IIII5 – III


  • Aileen Gay “Lin-i” Cubing – I
  • Ian Van “Ian” Cubing – IIII5 – II
  • Jeffrey Luke “Jeff” Martinez –IIII5 – III


  • Irish May “Bobeck” Caro – IIII5 – II (gave up for Secretarial position)
  • Aileen Gay “Lin-i” Cubing -III
  • Alora “Alo” Cubing – IIII (winner by overwhelming congregational decision)

DECEMBER 15 2007 (Iloilo City)

It is with a very heavy heart that we report to you that Sis. Nona Cerbas passed away today, December 15 2007, Saturday, at the Iloilo Mission Hospital. This was expected since her family refused further treatment and/or operations for her due to lack of finances.

We thank all Living Rock members who sacrificially gave toward Sis. Nona’s operation. God saw your hearts and will surely reward your graciousness. We did what we could do. She is in God’s hands.

Farewell, Sis. Nona. We will miss you this side of heaven.

Her wake will be held at the Living Rock Church this week.

DECEMBER 13 2007 (Iloilo City)

Sis. Nona Cerbas was operated on last November 20. The growth that was removed from her reproductive organs was declared by the doctors to be benign. However, she had a very “bumpy ride” after her operation. The growth has pressed her intestines together for so long and it seems that she is finding it very difficult to recover. The family is spending about P10,000 a day at the hospital and so far they have already spent more than P200,000. Last week the doctors said they had to open her up again to see what was wrong with her intestines since she cannot move her bowels and she was in pain and had a fever. However, her family, after having discussed in a meeting, has decided not to go on with the operation and/or treatment because they do not have the funds for it. Sis. Nona’s desire is to live, but she doesn’t have the money to spend for another operation. The doctors said that if they cannot operate on her, she will surely die. Sis. Nona is 54 years old.

NOVEMBER 30, 2007 (Netherlands)

GOOD BYE BRO. PETER, WE WILL MISS YOU. The funeral of Bro. Peter Henskens in the Netherlands was held yesterday, November 29, at 2 p.m. (our time). The message of comfort was preached by the pastor of their home church over there.

“Those who love the Lord never meet for the last time. ”

“Death is not the end, but only a bend in the road.”

“When you know where your loved one is, then he is not lost.”

“Death is not a dead end, but a door leading to a better place.”

“When you cannot see His hand, just trust His heart.”

These photos were emailed to us by Sis. Rosy.



NOVEMBER 25, 2007 (Netherlands)

Bro. Peter Henskens, the husband of Sis. Rosy Arlos, met with a vehicular accident on his way to work yesterday, November 24. The accident proved to be fatal. Bro. Peter expired at the hospital. The whole Living Rock church family expresses its sympathy to the Henskens Family, especially to Sis. Rosy Arlos-Henskens, for this sorrowful event.

Looking back. Bro. Peter accompanied Sis. Rosy to Iloilo City last September to, among other things, attend our 18th church anniversary. Peter underwent water baptism on October 4 just before returning to the Netherlands. The report of his accident and death came as a complete shock to all of us. However, knowing that nothing happens by accident to those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28), we still have hope even in this dark and trying time.

Many cried in church today when they heard the news of Peter’s passing away. God bless you Sis. Rosy. May you find a gift in this loss. We are always here for you. We are your church family.

NOVEMBER 19, 2007 (Iloilo Mission Hospital, Jaro, Iloilo City)

Sis. Nona Cerbas was admitted today for her abdominal operation on the 21st of this month (Wednesday). Living Rock Brothers and Sisters joined together in raising funds for Sis. Nona for two weeks. So far, we have raised nine thousand pesos (P9,000.00) as of this writing. [We are currently still raising money for her. If you want to help, just contact us.] She is truly grateful for the loving assitance Living Rock brethren have extended to her. Please pray for the success of her operation and that there will be no complications.



Pastor Norman and Sis. Geline Taala (4th year nursing student) pose with Sis. Nona in Room G6 of the Iloilo Mission Hospital.

NOVEMBER 11, 2007 (Oton, Iloilo)


We baptized four new members today at Botong, Oton, Iloilo. In the picture, adults from left to right, Julia Guardafavo (Assistant), Aileen Gay Cubing (Bible Study Leader), Rose, Inday, Nanay Dina, Ritchie and Pastor Norman.

baptismweb04.jpg baptismweb07.jpg



OCTOBER 26, 2007 (Chicago, USA)

Pictures from Bro. Nestor Lao, Sr. in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


In the Picture (Left to Right): Joshua (son of Nadine Lao and Rommel Ducasi), Vilma Ducasi (Mother of Rommel), Nadine, Nora and Nestor.


OCTOBER 25, 2007 (Iloilo City)

Sis. Velma Jane Lao had her ultrasound today and she is carrying a baby GIRL! Praise the Lord! Congratulations Pastor Norman and Sis. Bebing! Sis. Bebing will reach full term in February 2008.

OCTOBER 24, 2007 (Iloilo City)


Pastor Lloyd Basco and his fiance JangJang Espinosa are planning to get married in April next year. Pastor Norman had a preliminary counseling session with them last October 22.

OCTOBER 7, 2007 (Iloilo City)

The Living Rock Church Officers have granted Pastor Norman a 60-day furlough beginning October 15, 2007 and ending December 15, 2007. This is to give Pastor Norman the time to finish his Special Paper as the last requirement for his Master of Divinity degree from the College of Theology of Central Philippine University.

OCTOBER 6, 2007 (Iloilo City)

Peter and Rosy Henskens flies back to the Netherlands today. God bless your trip!

OCTOBER 4, 2007 (Iloilo City)

Bro. Peter Henskens was baptized today at 11:00 a.m. in the adult pool of Puerto Real, Lapaz, Iloilo City. The event was witnessed by his wife Sis. Rosy Henskens, Pastor Lloyd Basco, and Sis. Velma Jane “Bebing” Lao.

web00.JPG web01.JPG

web02.JPG web04.JPG


OCTOBER 1, 2007 (Iloilo City)

peterrosyweb.JPGBro. Peter Henskens, husband of Sis. Rosy Arlos-Henskens, will be baptized on Thursday, October 4, 2007 at the Puerto Real de Iloilo, Gustilo, Lapaz, Iloilo City (the very same day and place they were married several years ago!). Pastor Norman will baptize Bro. Peter in the smaller children’s pool of Puerto Real. This is because the bad weather hasn’t let up for almost a month now and baptizing in the sea (our usual practice) is not possible at this time because of the big waves. The Baptism is schedules at 10:45 in the morning.

Bro. Peter and Sis. Rosy are scheduled to go back to the Netherlands on October 6, the Birthday of Sis. Rosy.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2007 (Iloilo City)

More than two hundred pastors from different churches and denominations gathered at the CAP Auditorium last Friday, Sept. 28, as part of the movement for unity that the Spirit of God is working out among the Christians in Iloilo City. The three ministerial fellowships: EMFIC, CMF, and MIPA* were well represented. The common text that was invoked as the basis of our unity was Psalm 133:1, “Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) dwell together in unity….” The movement has been called IMMU or Integrated Ministers Movement for Unity. [May this Movement prosper in the hands of holy men and women of God.]


* EMFIC = Evangelical Ministers Federation of Iloilo City

CMF = Christian Ministers Fellowship

MIPA = Metro Iloilo Pastors Association


SEPTEMBER 8, 2007 (Iloilo City)

Church Anniversary

WE ARE GOING TO celebrate our 18th Church Anniversary this coming September 23! We are going to do this with a very loud BANG! Our four daughter churches (including Balabag) will be with us on this grand occasion. Our theme is The Church is a Family and our special guest speaker is Pastor Roger Quimpo of the University Church of Central Philippine University.

We would like to thank the following for their help and contribution to our Anniversary Celebration:

  • Living Rock Young Professionals headed by Bro. Nino Lao for seven sacks of rice (for our outreach churches and anniversary raffle).
  • Sis. Lolita Basco, Sis. Ma. Aurora Espinoza, Bro. Jeffrey Martinez, Sis. Pauline Cham-Martinez for handling all the Raffle Prizes.
  • Sis. Rosy and Bro. Peter Henskens for our Anniversary cake (good for 200+ people) and balloons.
  • Sis. Rowena Collado for her financial support.
  • Sis. Nadine Lao-Ducasi for her financial support.
  • Bro. Eiler and Sis. Nenita Miraflor for their continued support and partnership.

Thank you so much! God will certainly prosper all of you!

Child Dedication at the Iloilo Summer House

Pastor Norman dedicated the son of his brother Nelson and wife Cecil last night (Sept. 7), Axel Andre B. Lao, at the Iloilo Summer House. The event was attended by three bank employees, friends of Nelson (Allied Bank) and Cecil (PS Bank) plus one from Banco de Oro (Nino Lao’s boss).

Nora Lao bound for Chicago

Sis. Nora, the wife of Bro. Digoy Lao and mother of Pastor Norman, will be leaving for the United States on the 11th of this month to join her husband who went ahead of her three months ago.


3 responses

12 09 2007
Nitz miraflor

Great planning and preparation for the BIG EVENT! Congratulations Pastor Norman for the job well done! You guys are so organized! Our warm Christian greetings to Pastor Roger Quimpo, too. He and Eiler were both young people at the Jaro Evangelical Church before and were friends! We wish him well as he deliver God’s word to you folks on this your very special day! Hallelujah!

1 12 2007
Barend Luger

Good day,

I am not sure if it is my authority to break this news to you, but I just want to mention that the very same Peter Henskens which was just baptized last month died in a car-accident last November 24. His beloved wife Rosy is trying to stand up in her sorrow and I would please like to request your prayers to give her some support.

My wife, Nerissa (cousin of Rosy) went to the Netherlands specially to support Rosy and attend the funeral. Peter was cremated in the Netherlands yesterday November 30.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support.

3 01 2010
ruud henskens

hello, i am very glad that i can see the pictures of my uncle peter. thank you all.
god bless you

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