Water Baptism (Fajardo Subd., Sambag, Jaro), Sunday, September 23 2007.  We were greatly surprised today to see Bro. Peter and Sis. Rosy Henskens (of the Netherlands) enter our worship hall!  Their presence during our anniversary was, according to Sis. Rosy, a work of God.  One of the reasons why they came home to Iloilo was that Peter has decided to be baptized in water.  Praise the Lord!


Church Planting Team (Balabag, Pavia), Sunday, September 9 2007.   Aileen Gay M. Cubing, one of our Home Bible Study (HBS) Leaders, reported today that six of her HBS members have decided to be baptized in water!  Hallelujah! 

We started our Bible Study last August in the house of Dina Bayona.  We felt the Lord work in the lives of our Bible Study members because of their excitement and devotion in attending our weekly meetings.  We praise God that our labor is indeed not in vain! (1 Corinthians 15:58) 

Water Baptism is scheduled for Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 1:30 p.m.

Good work Sunday Team!  [Aileen, Maia, Alpha, Heart and Tabelle]  God bless all of you.


Our Sermons on the Web, (WordPress.com), Sunday, September 9, 2007.   Since we have started posting our sermons on the web we have received two comments as follows:

Bro. Lancho Parco (Manila, Philippines):  “ptr. dalawa lang po ung nakita ko na sermon/entry nyo. meron pa po bnag iba na pwede kong pagpilian… meron po kasi ako nakit galing sa ibang ptr… ung gusto ko po kasi ung gawa nyo,, mas malinaw po kasi sa akin ang pagkakahanay nung sa inyo…thank you po and Godbless.” (copy-paste from email)

Sis. Rosy Arlos-Henskens (Netherlands): “We need these. Thanks for making your sermons available on the web.” (from: Sermons>September>Comments)

Webmaster: We praise and thank the LORD that He is using our website to bless you.  Just keep on coming back.  We are actively updating and improving our site here at WordPress.com.  God bless all of you.


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