18th Anniversary Program

25 09 2007


1. Preparation time, time of arrival of outreach churches and city members.


2. Call to Worship by Pastor Norman S. Lao


Psalm 150

Praise the LORD.

Praise God in his sanctuary;

praise him in his mighty heavens.

Praise him for his acts of power;

praise him for his surpassing greatness.

Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,

praise him with the harp and lyre,

praise him with tambourine and dancing,

praise him with the strings and flute,

praise him with the clash of cymbals,

praise him with resounding cymbals.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

Praise the LORD.


3. Opening hymn HOW GREAT THOU ART (Ilonggo)


4. Giving Thanks to God for His Church

1. Lazaro Declaro

2. Ananias Casuncad

3. Roy Gomez

4. Rodolofo Villorente

5. Junior Magno

6. Raul Elimeo

7. Evelyn Casuncad

8. Helia Dadivas

9. Catalina Buganas

10. Joy Gomez

11. Gloria Capioso

12. Jeffrey Martinez

13. Pauline Cham-Martinez

14. Irish May Caro

15. Alora Cubing

16. Christabelle Cubing

17. Ferolyn Grace Declaro

18. GR Jophil Taala


5. Opening Prayer: Pastor Delia J. Recto, Living Rock Amparo, Pavia


6. Praise and Worship Celebration by Living Rock Music Team


7. Welcome SongNapakaligaya” by Living Rock Music Team


8. Pastoral Welcome by Pastor Norman S. Lao


9. Special Greetings

     Miraflor Video

     Henskens Video


10. Announcements


11. Birthday Celebrants

      Prayer by Pastor Doris B. Cubing, Pastor, Living  Rock Buenavista, Guimaras


12. Offering

      Prayer by Pastor Lloyd U. Basco, Pastor, Living Rock Siwalo, Maasin



       Young Professionals, Youth Unlimited, Children


14. Highlights of our Church History (1989-2007) with Lighting of 18 Candles by Geline A. Taala

1989 – Pastor Cubing started the fellowship at the CRC seven months after resigning from Full Gospel Center Church. We had about 26 members (first Month Service). The first year was truly a struggle, but the Lord gave Pastor Cubing a Word that encouraged us: “I will restore unto you what the devourer has eaten.”

Recognition of our original members (to be given by Pastor Norman in behalf of the Living Rock Church Family):

Theodore Albarracin (not in Iloilo City)

Zenda Albarracin (not in Iloilo City)

Mercedes Canezares (not with our church)

Pastor Apolinario Cubing, Founding Pastor

Andres Cubing (Currently in Africa)

Engr. Aileen Gay Cubing

Engr. Ian Van Cubing

Angelyn Doris Cubing (Currently in Canada)

Lagrimas M. Cubing (deceased)

Fiorella S. Espinoza (deceased)

Romeo T. Espinoza

Merlin Aldous S. Espinoza (not with us)

Dr. Mae Abigail S. Espinoza, MD

Ma. Aurora S. Espinoza

Santos A. Garingo

Lydia A. Garingo

Julia Guardafavo

Pastor Norman S. Lao

Velma Jane Cubing Lao

Engr. Salvador E. Magno, Jr.

Zenaida E. Magno (deceased)

Elba J. Pollicar

Ira J. Taala, RN

Geline A. Taala

Linda Tolosa (not with our church)

View Certificates

Note: Some of our members were not yet born or were still infants when we started this church. They are not included in the list of original members.

1990 – We transferred to the Provincial Capitol because CRC became too small and too hot for us.

1992 – We transferred to the Lopez Arcade. Pastor Norman was appointed Associate Pastor.

1994 – We temporarily held fellowship at the River Queen Hotel. After about one month, we transferred to Lelac Inn and had our church there until 2006

1996 – Pastor Norman was Ordained into the Ministry by Rev. Apolinario Cubing, Rev. Narciso Dionson, the Pastoral Staff and the Congregation. A prophetic word was given to Pastor Norman at the Western Visayas Cultural Center gathering of CMF. The man of God said, “Do not say that your church is small for God will cause people to come and help you… as God called Caleb to help Joshua… so shall the Lord bless you with people who will help you in the ministry.”

1997 – The darkest part of our church history. We had so many problems that the church was threatened with division. But the Lord fought our battles for us and we became victorious.

1998 – We lost four families as a result of the problems in 1997, but the church remained united.

1999 – Slowly the Lord began to bless our church family with new people. Special mention is given here to Pastor Delia Recto whom God used to help us open three new churches in the coming years.

2000 – A new millennium approaches and with it new hope, new strength, new resolve.

2001 – We started a church in Amparo, Pavia. Pastor Delia Recto appointed Pastor. Later Pastor Rio Calle was appointed to pastor the church because Pastor Delia was to start a church in Guimaras.

2002 – During one of our Sunday Services at Lelac Inn, Sis. Lagrimas Cubing spoke a prophetic Word: “’Prepare to fold your tents,’ says the Lord.” This word had a double fulfillment as we shall see later.

2003 – Through the household help of Pastor Recto we started a church in Siwalo, Maasin.  Pastor Lloyd Basco was later appointed pastor.

2004 – We started a church in Buenavista, Guimaras. Pastor Delia Recto was assigned to pastor the congregation. Sis. Lagrimas Cubing died. (She folded her tent to go to a better place.)

2005 – Pastor David was assigned to Pastor Guimaras Congregation. Pastor Delia assigned to Amparo Living Rock Church

because Pastor Calle went to Cebu for employment. Pastor David died after preaching on the third month. Pastor Doris was assigned to replace her husband Pastor David.

2006 – Bro. Julius and Sis. Lina Dureza gave us permission to use their lot for our church building. We built a Church Building and finished it just in time for our 17th Anniversary.

We folded our tent at Lelac Inn and Transferred to our new building here. Praise the Lord!

2007 – After 18 years of ministry: We have currently 120 members in our church roll in the mother church without counting members who are abroad, 4 active pastors, three planted churches, one started church, feeding program with more than 150 children in five locations, an internal benevolence ministry (LMC)that has cashed out more than 20 thousand pesos in member assistance this year, more than 35 workers, an online ministry at www.jlrcm.wordpress.com.


15. Recognition of JLRCM Pastors.

Rev. Apolinario P. Cubing, Founding Pastor

Rev. Norman S. Lao, Senior Pastor

Pastor Lloyd U. Basco, Outreach Pastor

Pastor Delia J. Recto, Outreach Pastor

Pastor Doris B. Cubing, Outreach Pastor


16. Dedication of the Church

Act of Dedication

A. Ribbon Cutting by Original Members (after cutting the ribbon shall march and assemble on the platform)

B. (On the platform) Together: Having been prospered by the good hand of our God, and enabled by His grace and power to complete this house of worship to be used for the glory of His name, we will now in His holy presence dedicate the building to Him.

To the glory of God our Father, from whom comes every good and perfect gift;

To the honor or Jesus Christ, His Son, our Lord and Savior;

To the praise of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, source of light and life.

C. Church Officers (together): We, the officers of this church and congregation, recognizing that there has been committed to us a sacred trust, relying upon God for wisdom and strength, do solemnly covenant together, to sacredly guard, uphold and perpetuate the scriptural doctrines and principles upon which this church is founded and by which it has been maintained through all its history down to the present day; that we will study the peace and unity of this church to the end that this house may ever serve for the assembling together of the rich and the poor for the worship of Him who is the maker of us all; for the preaching of the Word of God in its fullness; and for the proclamation of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior of Men.

D. The Congregation shall arise.

E. Dedicatory Prayer by Rev. Roger Quimpo


17. Congregational Singing: God is so Good, He has done great things


18. Introduction of Speaker by Pastor Norman S. Lao


19. Anniversary Message: “The Church is a Family” by Rev. Roger Quimpo, Pastor, University Church, Central Philippine University


20. Closing Song Living Rock Music Team


21. Closing Prayer by Pastor Norman S. Lao


22. Instructions by Emcee


23. Preparation for Lunch


24. Prayer for Lunch


25. Doxology

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Praise Him all creatures here below

Praise Him above the heavenly hosts

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost



26. Fellowship Lunch

       Please stay in your chairs. Our ushers will serve your lunch. Thank you.


27. Special Numbers


28. Picture Taking


29. Raffle of Prizes by Gershon Loyd Garingo and Lloyd Basco


30. Closing Song


31. Closing Prayer and Benediction


32. Homeward Bound.   God bless you!


Emcee: Ms. Velma Jane Cubing-Lao




We wish to thank EVERYBODY for their invaluable assistance in making our 18th Church Anniversary a most joyous and blessed occasion. We cannot name all of you, but God knows who you are. May He richly bless you all.




8 responses

30 09 2007
Angelyn Cubing

Hey everybody,

I had been avoiding the website link Pastor Norms sent me because I knew memories would come flooding back and I was uncertain how I would react but for some reason while I was surfing the net on some silly things, I saw our Living Rock website and I clicked on it, surfed a bit, read the Living Rock history, one I lived through till ’98 and until now, 2007, it just came in torrents, I mean the tears just came. In reading the Living Rock history again, I am reminded of the trials and tribulations He has brought us through, making us stonger and better, shining as pure gold, and the blessings He has showered through the years. It also brought assurance of His steadfast unconditional love, His constant presence in our lives that although we are far from each other we are never far from Him. God is great and God is good! I have always felt like my calling was like Joseph’s life, helping my family/church family… that is you guys.. during the famine but that also means being away from you and that makes me feel I have missed out on the fun through the years!!! So much has happened and so much has changed but inside I am still the same Angel you guys remember. My friends I left there in Iloilo, I miss you guys so much. I have never found anybody as good a friend as you guys have been to me.

My congratulations to all of you for your hard work. You make Jesus proud! You make me proud! ( Pastor Norms, is that word allowed? ;D) I encourage us all, even those I haven’t met before in the church (or should I say “yet”?) and everybody surfin’ the web, checkin’ out this site, to keep on keepin’ on till Jesus comes to call us home! Remember your labor in the Lord is not in vain! Dont forget to keep me in your prayers as you are in mine.

Say “Hi” via email once in a while too!

Happy 18th Year JLRCM!!!!

Angel 0:-)

1 10 2007

Dear Angel,

Hey! It’s nice of you to drop by. You made us cry just reading your note. We thank the Lord for bringing us where we are now. All the glory belong to Him. He has been so good to us. He has indeed restored to us what the Devourer has eaten 18 years ago and more! Just as He has promised! And you know what? We couldn’t have done it without siters and brothers like you whose hearts are in the Lord’s Work. This is OUR work (yours and ours)! Don’t forget that.

You sure are in our prayers always.


2 10 2007
Nitz Miraflor

Hi Angel!

How are you gurl? [That’s how i call ladies around here who are kind of close to my heart :)] Wow! You had been globe-trotting lately and you missed California! Kadaya sa imo, ah…:) I saw the sign behind you which says, “You are in Philadelphia.” Pastor Norman said you went to Virginia, too. Hope you will drop by one of these days. Just let us know. I will fetch you at the airport.

Take care ka gid dira ha?


Auntie Nitz

8 11 2007
eda aparicio

hi…kumusta na?

14 11 2007
nitz miraflor

hi eda!

is this you? asa naman ka and the kids karon? how did you get here (sa web) just surfing or are you going to one of the affiliated churches (in surigao)? we really miss you guys! warm Christian greetings to the rest of the group didto sa una sa nonoc island. eiler would be surprised if i tell him you were here :)!

9 03 2008
ednon john aparicio

hello po. ako pala si john yung bunsong anak ni Eda at Beaunone. kumusta po kau. mama is fine. she got stroke last year but shes well now.

9 03 2008
ednon john aparicio

mama asks, asa na daw mo ngstay? where na daw mo na state?
Uncle dodo rosal and family also extend their regards. happy vacation ba dyan ngayon? heheheh…GOD BLESS…

19 08 2010

your church and it’s inspirational messages and themes are so wonderful. They make you want to keep on working.! Thanks and God Bless each of you

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